Starting Small

Since we are all stuck indoors for the foreseeable future, most people are finding that we need projects to stay sane. This tiny semblance of control allows many of us to remain calm in the midst of the constant unknowns. 

Choosing a few small spaces in your home to cull through is a great place to start. Typically when a client hires us, it’s because they have large areas that needs an entire overhaul. Kitchens, garages, master closets…these spaces generally take a good amount of time to go through, and we help our clients come up with a better system for each individual.  

But right now, you can tackle spaces like junk drawers, coat closets, and kids art supplies just to name a few. We often tell our clients to start with the one place that brings them the most stress. Maybe its the mail, the laundry room closet, or your bathroom cabinet. Pick ONE area. Start small. Make the goal attainable for YOU. Now is the perfect time to set aside 30 minutes and get rid of unnecessary clutter. This is a great way to improve your current situation and will make tackling the next space seem attainable. 

A few easy rules of thumb: Sort items and group like items together. Go through mail and immediately recycle anything you don’t need. Move as many bills to online payments to reduce paper coming in to your home. When cleaning out drawers in your kitchen or bathroom, donate items that you no longer use. 

Remember, we are all in this together!! And we cannot wait to get back out there doing what we love most.

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Products we Love!

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